Cosmic Comfort

Installation Design

A speculative installation for women experiencing mental distress in public.

Since mental wellbeing has tremendous influence on daily life, Cosmic comfort offers private self-retreat space to depressive teenage women encountering unavoidable premenstrual struggles. Providing them a hideaway shelter in public accompanied with comfort facilities and embraces to relieve their emotional condition.

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Mental health
Service design
User experience research


University common area, semi public space where the user can restrict access to anyone who studying in the building. Therefore the users may have common experiences and able to support each other.

The public transportation platform, cosmic comfort able to located on the platform nearby the waiting area, which is a minor circulation that have slower pacing in the space, and people passing by using the waiting area.
Shopping Mall

The shopping mall, is a space where having flow circulation from visitors, cosmic comfort can be located at space where shifted the main circulation such as resting area

Working Processes

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