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Demola innovation challenge with Novatron Oy, Finland

International Collaboration with Antti and Matias - Finland, Kevin - Hong Kong, Bao - Vietnam ,Jiwon - South Korea and Suang - Thailand

Simply put, the solution is an integrated cross-platform software that provides means for not only construction site workers, but all involved parties with Novatron Oy’s software, to provide feedback.

The solution is called “FeedAround” – Feedback that isn’t sent to the back but sent around. The solution revolves around two main modalities, which are the booth and web application.

The booth provides a space for employees to go give and view feedback during their breaks. The booth concept was designed with convenience and ease of accessibility in mind, the goal is to build a habit around employees giving feedback. The booth is largely a visual stimulus for the employees while on break, and has the sole purpose of working around feedback, without the numerous distractions phone applications and websites have.

As can be seen in the navigation diagram below, the booth software allows users to give feedback, and only view and search for other similar feedback, and the option of voting or commenting on them. Given feedback will also have to be tagged by a category, for example ‘Performance of Software’. This provides a natural way for eliminating repeat feedback, and naturally categorizes the feedback using its ‘agree’ feature for Novatron to determine what feedback to focus on. In order to further ease the booth’s use, feedback and comments may be done anonymously, but also has the option of leaving your name and email to receive updates when Novatron’s feedback team starts the process with the feedback.

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