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At the initial point of the project, our team decided to work around an urban aging society since we were both familiar with elderly family members and we had experienced assisting them with healthcare issues. We started by setting out the goal for our brainstorm session: scoping the design challenge based on elders that can assist themselves with daily tasks and live in the Bangkok metropolitan area. We listed out the general problem in aged citizens based on our assumption. Then we started examining the 24-hours routine of our elderly at home to generate the chart and find problems through each activity. This chart opens the opportunity for us to narrow down the project context around the urban aged society with diabetes symptoms. Once we agreed on the design scope and brainstormed the ‘How might we questions’, possible solutions and opportunities, we dived down to the white paper researches and articles about diabetes patient and their eating behaviour, then analyse and ideate our materials through user personas, user journey, and value proposition.

According to the National Institute of Aging and the American Diabetes Association, diabetes in ageing citizens causes a loss of appetite, depression, blood pressure, and leads to other severe complications. Diabetes treatment requires significant behavioural change and consistent nutrition control regarding medication management, specialised nutrition, and physical activity. The great challenge for diabetes patients after the diagnosis is how they will follow nutritionist’s dietary guidelines at home? After examine and interview both the family and stayed-home elders, leads to a finding that some of the urban ageing citizens stay at home most of the time, with and without caretakers or housemaids, while another family member is away. Managing diabetes diet is certainly possible to maintain with younger adults yet is more difficult for the aged citizen without close nutrition supervision.

To provide convenience to the family or the caretaker of the individual aged citizen, our solution is a specialised food service for diabetes patients. Tarn Sabai is bridging doctors, family, patients, and hospital catering services together through technology as smart-board and patient. Each meal is full of significant nutrition for diabetes with the right portion and can be personalised to each patient’s health condition. This food service assists the family or caretaker to closely supervise the patient’s diet with a customised food delivery subscription per week. Meanwhile, the smart-board will help our aged citizen patients to be able to track the expected delivery time, medicine reminders in every meal, personalised healthcare reminders, and display messages from the family.

This project let our team explore the research methods leading us to the new possibility that could aid existing paint points in the health care industry. Scaling the project, we could make this project come true by connecting to a hospital kitchen or existing food catering service; providing benefits for not only elder patients but also anyone in Thailand’s Diabetes community. This project can make an impact, raises the importance, and benefit of healthy diet management in a serious manner.

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